Meet Our Team
I have been able to develop as a manager and a person with the opportunities this company has given me. I have had wonderful mentors and I am happy every day!
General Manager
There is a tremendous passion, dedication and energy among the employees at A.C. Moore. Every day I come to work with boundless enthusiasm to achieve my goals and do my part in making A.C. Moore the best in the Craft Industry.
Our team is like a family. We work as one unit, helping and encouraging each other as we strive to do the best we can.
Front End Supervisor
A.C. Moore creates a spirit of partnership and camaraderie that management maintains with all employees.
The new challenges and duties keep everyday different. I love to use my creativity everyday in helping our customers.
Front End Specialist
I enjoy helping customers with their crafting projects. If they have a specific project in mind I help them find what they need. If they are not sure how to complete a project I listen to their idea and together we come up with a solution.
Activities Specialist
I have been given opportunities to grow with the company. I started as a seasonal team member and was then trained as a cashier and am now learning to work in the custom framing department.
This is a team oriented company and I enjoy the fact that the leaders have the confidence in us to make decisions that have a direct impact on our business.
I love our customers! I love being around products that stimulate creativity and working with people who love crafts as much as I do.
Front End Supervisor
I like helping our customers make their ideas become a reality with the right tools and products.
Our manager keeps us all motivated and is a great leader. We all work together so well - we have a great crew.
Custom Framing Specialist
It is great to work with such a diverse, creative bunch of people. We get to help our customers (and each other) create unique and beautiful works of art!
Operations Supervisor
I love being around creative people, both customers and coworkers. We inspire each other and constantly build excitement for new projects and techniques.
I like working for A.C. Moore because it's a fun environment and because the company is a great source for crafting ideas.
Merchandising Specialist
I look forward to coming to work every day because we are a close knit group.
Front End Specialist
I like who I work for; who I work with and the customers that I get to take care of everyday.
I like to talk to our customers about the projects that they are working on and to share creative and inspiring ideas with them.
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